Eggstravaganza! Sunday 4/30/17 12-5pm

There is a reason the Easter Bunny hides eggs…
Alright folks it has been a while since we have been flush with eggs. We started our layers on October 27th, 2016….yes, right before the winter to remember (or forget!). The chicks did well in the brooders, but it was out to pasture in late November. Surprisingly, all of our shelters lasted through the wind and snow. We were really buried out here- but the super-doops held up and the snow even created some insulation. The chicks did fine throughout the winter. Then came spring and they popped. As I write this I am so surprised how well things went. Anyway, the birds are now fully grown and for the most part done with the Rooster eggs. We were a little conservative starting in October- planning to be ready for the markets in June. Turns out, even with that winter, the birds came through well and are laying great.

So….how about a farm day before June?? Yep, if you would like eggs or sausage, bacon or any other pork product please come to our first Farm Day of 2017 this Sunday from noon to 5pm.

There is lots going on this time of year and some of you might be interested in walking around a bit. We put in a lot of berries this month and if you’re interested in seeing our irrigation system- come on out. If you would like to see the pigs that will be ready for June and July classes- come on out. If you are just looking for a Sunday drive – come on out!

Long term members might remember the Sunday Egg Drops at Drake Park- want to do those again? We are up for it, but we know it has been a while since we have had enough eggs to do this. Let us know if you’re interested in meeting us downtown again.

Happy Spring and we look forward to feeding you and your family again this year!

Pastured eggs have pasture under where they lay, sleep and forage.

New Super Doop (Domed Coop)

Hazel putting on the finishing touches!

Hazel putting on the finishing touches!

The Wednesday afternoon thunder storm took out one of our Super Doops.  Luckily, we never have floors on any of our shelters- so losses were minimized.  The fault was timing.  I was loaded up with feed and heading home to hang these ballast bags on the hooks on the side of the hoops.  Ten minutes from home the house was airborne- cleared one house, bounced off another and landed about 100 feet from the origin.  Fortunately we had a spare billboard and the glu-lams were not badly damaged.

Now onto the lemonade.  We changed the roost design which is now to be suspended by chains…this will add some adjust-ability that was difficult with the parachute cord.  We also want to play around with the pecking order and try different angles for the roosts.  Next, we extended the channel for the wiggle wire to hold the hoops onto the beams.  This is minor, but should add some strength.  The bags and ballast remain the same (hopefully, the hooks will always be full before a storm).  Last improvement will be the nest boxes- the all new style.    (I should do another post on the nest boxes…someday)

On a side note…the billboard was for auctioning off homes.  Hopefully, this is a thing of the past.