What? A brochure!?

The long dormant marketing department of the Great American Egg rises!  With the aid of my lovely and talented sister- we now have a brochure/pricelist!  You know something physical that must be transported by hand and read by reflected rather than projected light!  That’s right an actual paper brochure!  Check it out (note- for me at least, the two pages are one on top the other- rather than side by side):



Egg Drop this Sunday – 4/10/10

We are back to the normal Sunday drop (3-4pm in the Drake Park parking lot). We will have plenty of eggs this week with the extra day and our new Barred Rocks are starting to lay. These gals are almost outpacing the Australorps but have a ways to go with their size still.

We have a couple of new pork cuts to offer this year- Chinese Spare Ribs and Back Fat (yes, fat). Spare ribs were not a big mover last year (a lot of work/not a lot of meat), so this year we have something for the stir fry. This cut is just a spare rib cut lengthwise into 1 1/2″ lengths so they are ready for quicker preps (Thanks to Nancy for the idea!).

Back Fat is to render for lard- yes the real deal. Now you can dump that jar of crystallized cottonseed oil (Crisco) and render the real deal. Together, confit can make a come back, or soap, or perfect pie crusts, and even keep a tub around for the frying.

We also have lots of leg cutlets. We had some of these tenderized cuts made with our last batch of legs last year, but now we think this will be a standard cut- we will see. We are out of shoulders and ground pork already- but fear not- we have a couple more heading to the butcher shop next week.

See you soon- and thanks so much for supporting us- without you, we couldn’t raise animals the way we do, and if we couldn’t raise our animals this way- we wouldn’t be farmers!!

Egg Drop – Sunday 1/24/2010

We will be down at the Drake Park parking lot between 3-4pm this Sunday.  Please come on down and get your egg fix!!

As a quick note…..the worst thing about a mobile farm- wind!!  Looks like it has finally died down a bit and this Sunday doesn’t look too bad!!

See you there!

Chicken this Sunday (10/11/2009)!

We will have fresh unfrozen and frozen chicken ready at the farm this Sunday from 2-5pm. We really enjoyed this last weekend, we had a great turn out in a relaxed, low key, albeit freezing, environment. We really hope this continues to work out. We will be offering the same deal as last week – $2.70/lb if you need five or more birds and $3/lb for under five.   Come on out and stock up for the winter with clean, healthy, factory-free chicken! Please give us a head’s up if you are coming out Sunday so we can make sure we process enough birds.

The hogs are finally back from the butcher! We can now get your pre-ordered cuts to you either next Wednesday or at the farm. For folks that didn’t have cuts on order we will have a full assortment of cuts once again…with lots and and lots of sausage. There is also a new cut available- a leg cutlet. This is a clean, boneless cut from a single muscle group in the leg. We had them cut thin and lean with two in a pack- this cut is intended for a quick breakfast meat but has lots of additional potential.

We are thinking about joining with a couple of other venders from the farmer’s market to form a meat CSA. The idea is that a member of the CSA would get a monthly slew of different meat cuts. We are completely dependent on ‘direct to the cook’ sales and we worry about the long winter (hence the ‘Winter List’) and this might be a nice way to keep the variety that’s available to you at the market coming to you throughout the winter. Please let us know if this is of interest as we have made no commitments to date. Advice is welcomed if you have participated in one of these deals in the past and have some tips for us.

Egg drops are still being worked out….we will talk with the Environmental Center early next week. Regardless of the drop location we need to figure out a way to exchange eggs for cash without putting the burden on the drop site people. I would be fine with an honor box of some sort; however, security of the box would be a critical concern both for your identity and our paycheck. Again, ideas welcome.

Turkeys….we have about fifty turkeys available for the holidays. This is our first year raising turkeys and our timing is a bit off….the Bronze are incredible growers and might get too big by Thanksgiving. We might want to butcher a few a week so we get a range of sizes. Picture shows a tom (~35 lbs), a hen(~20 lbs), and a chicken (~6 lbs)……please let us know the ballpark weight your interested in and this might help us plan their ‘one bad day’.

Tom on the left, hen on the right, broiler in the middle.

Tom on the left, hen on the right, broiler in the middle.

That’s it for now…hope to see you Sunday!! Oh yeah, and we will put a sign out this week!