Chicken Larder - 10/08/2017


Fresh Chicken From the Farm!

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Alright!  Chicken Larder Time is HERE!  (just to be clear ‘larder’ is kind of synonymous with pantry- but a little more meat focused instead of pickles!)  So, in Hoffman terms larder means – FILL YOUR FREEZER!!

Here is the deal….we will be offering up fresh chickens from the farm on Sunday, October 8, 2017 between 9am and 11am.  Please reserve your birds by choosing the number of birds you would like to pick up below.  You will then have a choice to put a deposit down or just pay at the farm when you come and pick up.  But please reserve your birds as this will ensure that we don’t over sell.  What happens if we’re sold out or you can’t make it this weekend….no problem just click here for the next butcher day!

Chickens will be $3.50/lb at the farm (compared to $4.50/lb at the market).  Also, the chickens are fresh- so bring coolers and ice.  The deposit of $5/bird will be credited at pick up.

And as always, our birds are truly pasture raised and farm processed in the Joel Salatin/Polyface way- but with no corn, soy, or GMOs.

Thanks much and see you soon!