The Store is open for Fresh Chicken this weekend 6/26

Fresh Chicken Time

Time to fill your freezer with chickens just the way you like them.  Here are some cut-up ideas:

  • Home-Style 6 piece (2 breasts, 2 quarters, 2 wings),
  • The 8 piece fryer (2 breasts, 2 wings, 2 legs. 2 thighs)
  • The 10 piece french cut (2 breasts, 2 tenders, 2 wings w/ breasts, 2 legs, 2 thighs)
  • How about butterfly or spatchcock (we used to do this for you- any interest?)
  • Or, and this is what I imagine you do- cut them all up the same way and then store the parts separately- so then you’ll have leg night, then wings, then….
  • Or- maybe you just toss them in the freezer as is and just enjoy the savings!!

Regardless, we hope to see you this weekend.  I did a bit of work on the site so hopefully things will flow a bit better for you.  I think the main complaint was finding the shopping cart- that is fixed!

Hog Shares and Classes

Also, of note is that pig shares will be available through out July.  Taryn, for the third year now, will be teaching butchering class for those thirsting for porcine pedagogy.  Half shares are $3.75/lb/hanging weight which includes the slaughter and hang.

Online Store Updates

Okay, more on that later!!  Right now it is fresh chicken season- so sign up for some birds for this weekend.  Remember, you just reserve the birds with out paying the deposit by signing up for the birds and then selecting ‘Manual’ check out and just bring a check with you to the farm!


Anita at work

Raised and butchered by the same hands!

** SOLD OUT ** Fresh Chicken Larder Day – 6/19/16 9-11am

Chicken Larder Days are Back!

Sign up HERE for fresh chicken this coming Sunday 6/19/16 from 9-11am!!
I know it has been a while, but activity on the farm seems to ramp up with the warm weather.  We are feeling pretty organized this spring all things considered.  Let’s do a quick run down of the enterprises on the farm:


As you may know after visiting the Farmer’s Market we don’t have eggs – yet!  We have lots of young pullets that have yet to start laying.  If all things go well they should start dropping rooster eggs any day now and hopefully we will have a strong summer of eggs before the molt kicks in.  We have reduced our wholesale outlets of eggs to just Devores Good Food and Rockin’ Daves this year in order to bring more eggs to the markets.

The big news here is that we finally have a grinder for our hog feed.  What a difference this has made in growth rates.  We should be offering up classes again around the end of June through July.  Also, the local slaughterhouse is now able to cure bacon for us- this has lead to a nice price reduction – about 25%.  The bacon is now dry cured instead of wet/injection cured like before.  This old school ‘salt box’ method of curing has a great taste and texture that we really enjoy.  Also, the meat that is at the market right now is primarily Berkshire.  Later this summer and for the classes will be predominately Duroc pigs.  A good time to compare which breed you like better.

Seems like Turkeys always give us trouble!?!  Last year we definitely started our poults too late and ended up with a pretty small bird for the Thanksgiving table.  Thanks much for your understanding and know that we are taking corrective action and should have day old poults several weeks earlier this year.  Plus I am going to expand a meal worm experiment that we started last year- keep your fingers crossed!  We will post turkeys in the store once we get a good feel for how many we will have to offer.

Alright- broiler season is – RIGHT NOW!  We are fully queued up in the brooders and in the pasture with broilers.  We started butchering in late May to stock up for the markets and grocery stores and now we are ready for our first Larder Day of the season.  These larder days have been great- no need for us to freeze, store and peddle- just straight from the chill tank to your freezer!  Of course, there are financial rewards for such a simple transaction- we sell to you at $3.50/lb and we get paid right away!  Perfect.  The price of broilers has been climbing – some farms in the valley are now selling for $7/lb which must require sales skills even Anita doesn’t have!?!

Anyway….we hope to see you this weekend!  HERE is the link one more time!

Sold Out of Fresh Chicken for 2015!

Thanks much folks or stocking up for the long winter….and for putting up with seasonal shopping.  Look forward to seeing you all over the next couple of days.


We do have plenty of frozen parted out birds in the freezer if that is what you’re after!

Last Farm Days of the Season!

The end is here! The end of broiler season, that is. The last two farm days are this weekend! You can stock up for the winter this Saturday or Sunday between 9-11am with fresh chicken. The next butcher day will be Memorial Day, 2016. Do you have enough in the freezer to last until May?
There will be two days for this butcher extravaganzer! You can reserve then pick up chickens on Saturday, Nov. 7th or Sunday, Nov. 8th between 9-11am at the farm.  Chicken will be $3.50/lb for fresh birds and you can stock up on Breakfast Sausage, Sweet and Hot Italian pork sausage, and ground pork as well. Did we mention bacon? So reserve your birds on the website for Saturday or Sunday pick up.

Fresh Chicken 9/20/15

Link to Labor Day Chickens

Just a quick note that we will have fresh chicken available this Sunday between 9-11am. Please use the link above to reserve some birds. The online store has really worked well helping us keep things organized! Also, the $5 deposit is optional- the main thing is to reserve the number birds that you want and show up!
Thanks much and see you soon!

Birds left for 9/7 Only!

Thanks much folks- we are sold out for tomorrow, but still have birds available for Monday.  Granted the thought of having a farm day on the last day before school starts- may have not been the best idea….so it goes.

Also, all the pigs found freezers (thanks to Taryn’s classes)!  More will be ready before the end of the year so stay tuned!

Summer Hogs are ready and Larder Days over Labor Day

Summer Hogs are Ready

Ready to learn to butcher your own hog?  Or maybe just fill the freezer with some great tasting pork!  Our summer hogs are ready.  They have been hanging at 150 lbs and look great.  As always with the Egg- there are options.  Click the link above and you will have three options on a half hog:

  1. Select a half hog and have Butcher Boys cut, wrap and cure
  2. Select a half hog- take it home and process and cure like a boss
  3. Select a half hog and meet us at the farm for a butcher class.  We will have the hog chilled and skinned, USDA inspected, the knives sharp, and butcher paper ready.  As always, Taryn leads the class and helps you process your hog into recognizable retail cuts.  We have the following dates available (we can be a little flexible here):
    1. Thursday 8/27 – SOLD
    2. Friday 8/28 – SOLD
    3. Monday 8/31 – 1 Half
    4. Tuesday 9/1- 2 Halves
    5. Thursday  9/3-  2 Halves

Hogs are a on a first click basis, and we will adjust classes accordingly.

Link to Butcher Hogs

September Chicken Larder
Can you believe that the last chicks for the year arrived last week?  We really need to take a moment and thank folks that have taken part in the ‘larder days’ scheme.  We were a bit terrified about dropping farmer’s markets in lieu of larder days- but it has worked.  We have kept a good balance between fresh and frozen birds this year and things have really gone well.  We also need to thank Lillian and Hazel (our daughters)- who are finally of age to really help out.  Hazel is crating and bagging and Lillian has been the ‘cone loader’ all summer.  Also, if you can believe it- Taryn has been putting up with us for four years- yeah, I said it- four.  Although you haven’t seen her on pickup days- she was here during processing and we wouldn’t want to do it without her.  We really feel like we are hitting on all cylinders are really have a great team put together.

One last thing- there has been quite a shake up in Oregon poultry processing this year.  A couple of years ago there were 25 licensed processors in Oregon.  Then came, the mixed bag that was, HB2872 and things changed.  Right now, we are the only poultry processor east of the Cascades and the state is down to only 15.  So thanks again- for your patronage and support over the years.- we would not have survived this turmoil without you!

Now, before this turns into a chapter book.  We will be processing chicken twice over the Labor Day weekend- yes twice.  That means we will have the last of the summer larder available on both Saturday 9/5 and Monday 9/7. Therefore, there will be two dates on the store to choose from- pick either one, we will have plenty of birds.  Fear not- there will be a couple of farm days in the fall.

Link to Labor Day Chickens