Larder Day This Sunday (September 17th from 9-11am) **SOLD OUT**

How it works:

  • Click here to reserve some birds!
    • We ask for a deposit- but it isn’t critical
      • But please show up if you reserve some!
  • You will get an email confirming your reservation
  • Grab a cooler and some ice
  • Head out to the farm
  • Drive up to the house and processing building
  • Take a look around and when your ready-
  • We will pull a chicken from the chill tank and bag it up for you
    • Chickens are ready to cook and eat
    • Ready to freeze
    • Take home and cut up the way you like it
  • Credit/Debit Cards, Cash and Check are all alright

Hope to see you Sunday,
Anita, Justice, Hazel and Lillian

What? A brochure!?

The long dormant marketing department of the Great American Egg rises!  With the aid of my lovely and talented sister- we now have a brochure/pricelist!  You know something physical that must be transported by hand and read by reflected rather than projected light!  That’s right an actual paper brochure!  Check it out (note- for me at least, the two pages are one on top the other- rather than side by side):



** SOLD OUT ** Fresh Chicken Larder Day – 6/19/16 9-11am

Chicken Larder Days are Back!

Sign up HERE for fresh chicken this coming Sunday 6/19/16 from 9-11am!!
I know it has been a while, but activity on the farm seems to ramp up with the warm weather.  We are feeling pretty organized this spring all things considered.  Let’s do a quick run down of the enterprises on the farm:


As you may know after visiting the Farmer’s Market we don’t have eggs – yet!  We have lots of young pullets that have yet to start laying.  If all things go well they should start dropping rooster eggs any day now and hopefully we will have a strong summer of eggs before the molt kicks in.  We have reduced our wholesale outlets of eggs to just Devores Good Food and Rockin’ Daves this year in order to bring more eggs to the markets.

The big news here is that we finally have a grinder for our hog feed.  What a difference this has made in growth rates.  We should be offering up classes again around the end of June through July.  Also, the local slaughterhouse is now able to cure bacon for us- this has lead to a nice price reduction – about 25%.  The bacon is now dry cured instead of wet/injection cured like before.  This old school ‘salt box’ method of curing has a great taste and texture that we really enjoy.  Also, the meat that is at the market right now is primarily Berkshire.  Later this summer and for the classes will be predominately Duroc pigs.  A good time to compare which breed you like better.

Seems like Turkeys always give us trouble!?!  Last year we definitely started our poults too late and ended up with a pretty small bird for the Thanksgiving table.  Thanks much for your understanding and know that we are taking corrective action and should have day old poults several weeks earlier this year.  Plus I am going to expand a meal worm experiment that we started last year- keep your fingers crossed!  We will post turkeys in the store once we get a good feel for how many we will have to offer.

Alright- broiler season is – RIGHT NOW!  We are fully queued up in the brooders and in the pasture with broilers.  We started butchering in late May to stock up for the markets and grocery stores and now we are ready for our first Larder Day of the season.  These larder days have been great- no need for us to freeze, store and peddle- just straight from the chill tank to your freezer!  Of course, there are financial rewards for such a simple transaction- we sell to you at $3.50/lb and we get paid right away!  Perfect.  The price of broilers has been climbing – some farms in the valley are now selling for $7/lb which must require sales skills even Anita doesn’t have!?!

Anyway….we hope to see you this weekend!  HERE is the link one more time!