Larder Day – July 16th from 9-11am **SOLD OUT**

Larder Day This Sunday
July 16, 2017 from 9am to 11am

We will have freshly processed chicken available to cut up and fill your freezer this Sunday! This is the first of the season and the birds are looking good. We will also have plenty of pork and beef on hand as well.


How it works:
Okay, maybe you’ve only bought chicken from a store before- but buying from the source is easy:

  • Click the link above to reserve some chickens
  • We ask for a deposit- but it isn’t critical
    • But please show up if you reserve some
  • You will get an email confirming your reservation
  • Grab a cooler and some ice (it’s going to be hot Sunday!)
  • Head out to the farm
    • 13604 SW Powell Butte Hwy, Powell Butte, OR
    • About 10 miles from the Bend Airport on the same road
  • Drive up to the house and processing building
  • Take a look around and when your ready-
    • We will pull a chicken from the chill tank and bag it up for you
    • Chickens are ready to cook and eat
    • Ready to freeze
    • Take home and cut up the way you like it
  • Birds usually weight about 3.5 to 4.5 lbs and are only $3.50/lb fresh from the farm
  • Credit/Debit Cards, Cash and Check are all alright

Hope to see you Sunday – Anita, Justice, Hazel and Lillian

Butcher Classes , Hog Shares, and Fresh Chicken- July 2016

Just a quick note that we will have a fresh chicken day on the farm this Sunday (7/24/16).  The store is updated so please reserve online or give us a call (54I-323-IO65) if you would like some chicken straight from the abattoir.
Alright, we have lots of hogs ready this time of year- so now is a good time to stock up on Vitamin P!  These are great looking hogs that are hanging around 225lbs each.  Some are ready right now and can be picked up from the butcher to cut up at home, have them cut it up for you….or…..join us at the farm for a butcher class where we teach/help you cut up your own hog just the way you like it!  There is lots more information on these classes HERE.

We have a fancy new brochure posted that has all our goodies listed.  We do try to accommodate special cuts; however, our standard fare is noted.  You might see that Thanksgiving turkeys are listed.  The poults are on site and we should post something in the store soon- we will let you know in an upcoming email.

That’s it for now- we really appreciate your support especially now that we are doing less farmers markets.  This email group is where the bulk of our sales now come from!!  Please help spread the word as we do some pretty unique things in Central Oregon that most folks have no idea about!

Birds left for 9/7 Only!

Thanks much folks- we are sold out for tomorrow, but still have birds available for Monday.  Granted the thought of having a farm day on the last day before school starts- may have not been the best idea….so it goes.

Also, all the pigs found freezers (thanks to Taryn’s classes)!  More will be ready before the end of the year so stay tuned!

Summer Hogs are ready and Larder Days over Labor Day

Summer Hogs are Ready

Ready to learn to butcher your own hog?  Or maybe just fill the freezer with some great tasting pork!  Our summer hogs are ready.  They have been hanging at 150 lbs and look great.  As always with the Egg- there are options.  Click the link above and you will have three options on a half hog:

  1. Select a half hog and have Butcher Boys cut, wrap and cure
  2. Select a half hog- take it home and process and cure like a boss
  3. Select a half hog and meet us at the farm for a butcher class.  We will have the hog chilled and skinned, USDA inspected, the knives sharp, and butcher paper ready.  As always, Taryn leads the class and helps you process your hog into recognizable retail cuts.  We have the following dates available (we can be a little flexible here):
    1. Thursday 8/27 – SOLD
    2. Friday 8/28 – SOLD
    3. Monday 8/31 – 1 Half
    4. Tuesday 9/1- 2 Halves
    5. Thursday  9/3-  2 Halves

Hogs are a on a first click basis, and we will adjust classes accordingly.

Link to Butcher Hogs

September Chicken Larder
Can you believe that the last chicks for the year arrived last week?  We really need to take a moment and thank folks that have taken part in the ‘larder days’ scheme.  We were a bit terrified about dropping farmer’s markets in lieu of larder days- but it has worked.  We have kept a good balance between fresh and frozen birds this year and things have really gone well.  We also need to thank Lillian and Hazel (our daughters)- who are finally of age to really help out.  Hazel is crating and bagging and Lillian has been the ‘cone loader’ all summer.  Also, if you can believe it- Taryn has been putting up with us for four years- yeah, I said it- four.  Although you haven’t seen her on pickup days- she was here during processing and we wouldn’t want to do it without her.  We really feel like we are hitting on all cylinders are really have a great team put together.

One last thing- there has been quite a shake up in Oregon poultry processing this year.  A couple of years ago there were 25 licensed processors in Oregon.  Then came, the mixed bag that was, HB2872 and things changed.  Right now, we are the only poultry processor east of the Cascades and the state is down to only 15.  So thanks again- for your patronage and support over the years.- we would not have survived this turmoil without you!

Now, before this turns into a chapter book.  We will be processing chicken twice over the Labor Day weekend- yes twice.  That means we will have the last of the summer larder available on both Saturday 9/5 and Monday 9/7. Therefore, there will be two dates on the store to choose from- pick either one, we will have plenty of birds.  Fear not- there will be a couple of farm days in the fall.

Link to Labor Day Chickens

Pork Progressions

We just sold a half a pig.  Not big news itself…but the short story behind it- makes our day.

We have a long term farmers market customer that bought lots of pork cuts from us at the booth over the years.   Unfortunately, we don’t carry all the possible cuts for a hog- we try and focus on the ones that sell best (carrying caul fat around for 6 weeks gets old).  This customer wanted more, so took the hog butchering class with Taryn last year.  Now, that half hog mentioned above, is heading straight to this customer’s house for a little home butchering!

Here is the progression- fall in love with pastured pork, learn the skills to butcher one, and then do it!  This is fantastic.  These pork chops went from $7.50 retail to $5.50 with the class to $4.00 at home.  The same chop!!  And guess what we make the same amount on that chop as well.  A happy day around here.

Chicken is finally here!

Took a while this year- but chicken will be heading to the markets this week!  We wanted to start a little later this year- but then got pushed back even further from the hatchery- lots of folks raising their own these days!

Anyway- we should be stocked from now until October or so….but usually sell out most weeks- so make a plan if you want some birds this year.  Also, we should have plenty of turkeys this year so let us know if you are interested in getting on the list.  

Chicken Day…on Labor Day!!

Hey Folks-

Too soon for another chicken day?  Never!  Send us a note about how many whole birds you would like to have for the fall and we will have them ready for you between 9 and noon on Monday.  Birds are $3/lb and you can pick them right from the chiller.  They will then be bagged and labeled and ready for your freezer.  The weather is cooling down – but still remember to bring a cooler to take your goodies home.

This season has gone very fast and smooth!  Can you believe that the last batch of broiler chicks comes in this morning? That means the last chicken butcher will be around Halloween for us- so stock up now.  Hope to see you and happy Labor Day!

The Team at the Great American Eggb



Newsletter – Spring 2011

The 2011 Season is finally here! What a long, long winter…..but not too bad overall. We are trying out another format for emails – we really hope these reach everyone. Lots of things to talk about today as we have been a bit quiet lately- so here it is the latest and greatest from the Great American Egg.

The End of the Winter Egg Drop!

Thanks so much for supporting us through the winter! Even though the hens produce much less in the winter, they eat much more until the bugs arrive in the spring. This is an expensive time of year and without your support eggs would be a really tough enterprise. Thanks again!

First Butcher Day of 2011 – This Coming Monday!

Lots of things going on at the farm this time of year. The grass is getting ready for haying in about a month, three different sets of pigs are rooting up the fringe areas, and feathers are flying in the butcher shop.
We would like to invite you out to the farm on Memorial Day for fresh chicken straight from the chill tank. This is our first open day of the year and we plan on processing about 80 birds- so let us know if you would like one. We will have plenty of cut-up and frozen wholes as well. We are keeping the same deal as last year, where chicken is .50 cents/lb cheaper when picked up fresh on the farm! Pick up time is after 3pm.

New Products for 2011!

I am sure many of you remember the days before we found a smokehouse that didn’t use nitrites in thier cures. It has been a fun winter trying to discover recipes, and methods that work well with our pork. In addition to belly, cottage and jowl bacon; we are adding British bacon this year for you folks fond of lean bacon (that sounds like an oxymoron!). We have also tweaked the breakfast sausage a bit; however, it is still a classic mild sage flavor. Also, on the tenderloins we are offering medallions for the light meat eaters. We also now have USDA Rendered Lard! Lard is on of those items you never knew you couldn’t live without it! One customer even makes her mayonaise with it! Also, new this year is Lingucia – this is definitly our hottest suasage, heavily spiced with paprika.

A New Face! Meet Tayrn- our summer intern

Taryn will be working with us for the 2011 Season. She will be helping will all aspects of the farm as well as starting some sort of enterprise on her own (sheep, cattle, fish, we are still working out ideas). Taryn comes from the OSU geography department, worked many seasons on the family tuna operation in Astoria and just finished up baking for the winter up at Mt. Bachelor. Please welcome her- you can imagine the learning curve ahead for her.

Markets this Year

Wednesdays -- Bend, Drake Park -- 3-7pm
Fridays -- Redmond, Redmond Greenhouse -- 3-7pm
Fridays -- Bend, St. Charles -- 2-6pm
Saturdays -- Salem, Downtown -- 9am to 3pm

Resturants serving our Products

3456 -- Bend, Airport -- Chicken and Duck Eggs
10 Below -- Bend, Oxford Hotel -- Chicken and Eggs
Lone Pine Coffee -- Bend, Tin Pan Alley -- Ham Trifecta Sandwiches
Jackon's Corner -- Bend, Delaware Avenue -- Eggs, Bacon, occasional Crown Roast
Devore's Good Food -- Bend, Newport Ave -- Eggs all week long
900 Wall -- Bend, Wall Street -- Eggs
Hola! -- Sunriver, Marina -- Eggs and Jowl Bacon

Processing Day

Today is the day! Well, the chickens made it to their last day. We had a scare when a local dog, a Pomeranian, tore a hole in the coop and let a few of the birds escape. The funny thing is the roosters in the escape gang were standing up to the little dog so no damage was done. After mending the fence,  the birds had only a few days left on the pasture.Justice and I processed 25 birds on our own on Saturday. We worked as a team through every step from crating to packaging. Since these were our first birds we wanted to make sure we had all the processing steps down before our friends arrived on Sunday to help. We were bone tired by day’s end, but were completely satisfied with the entire process.In the crate 


Since I’m the shorter one of the two it was my job to capture chickens and crate them. Justice was skeptical about these, but was on the bus once he saw how quiet they became once they were placed inside. We’d withheld food in the previous 12 hours, but they were foraging up to the last moments before they were crated. With eight chickens per crate, we stacked them under a tree.Cones waiting This is a before shot of the cones set up. Note the difference in the grass. You can definately tell where the pen was placed on the pasture. Our friends teased Justice that he was trying to make a political sign of thier land based on the green pattern from the pen. Suffice it to say it would be REALLY difficult to write Obama OR McCain. . . but what a great prank.  Justice took this job over. I had to take the birds from the crate and place them headfirst in the cone. This is a two person job as you need to load the chicken in head first, position the bird’s head and neck in the lower opening, then hold the bird still as the vein is opened.  It was quick.  Continue reading

Processing Equipment

We often have two schools in our house….Anita’s school of planting seeds around the community and seeing if they will grow into a business; and my school of ‘if we build it they will come’. These schools met head on when it came to processing equipment. The cautious school wanted to process the birds by hand to learn from the experience, while my school said ‘this is the make or break step in the process for most producers- we should throw money at the problem and at the very least give this a fair shake’ (I am sensing slight bias here – anyone else picking up on that). Since we will have friends and customers helping with the processing we really want this to be a good experience for all – we went for the equipment.We picked the Featherman pastured poultry insta-kit – everything we need to become processors in one shipment. We ended up with a Featherman Pro plucker, a 40 gallon scalder, and dunking helper, and a carousel killing cone setup. The Featherman folks were great to work with and everything arrived in good condition. They also threw in David Schafers’ book(which I am almost finished with 12 hours later), a couple of feeders, a float for the scalder, and a threaded ball valve for the drain. They did a good job giving us a complete package.Today we are going to look at a used trailer to mount the equipment and create a mobile processing unit. The Featherman folks are also looking at adding a rental network to their website for equipment. We are thinking about this option; however, we really want to fully break in the machinery before sending it out. Rentals are definitely on the horizon. We tried to rent a unit from the Willamette Valley but couldn’t work out the logistics on our end.Next post will hopefully showcase the Mobile Processing Unit (MPU).