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Welcome to the Great American Egg Website!

Thank you for the interest in our products! In lieu of a farm visit – let me describe a couple of policies here at the Great American Egg:

We are a ‘customer-inspected farm’.

Yes, we have all the governmental permits, licenses, and inspections; however, these agencies are not our customers – you are (or, at least, we would like you to be). You are welcome to come see the farm, see how we raise and process our animals, to understand all the inputs and outputs on our sustainable farm. After you see it- then you can decide if you would like to eat it! As we all know- stickers on cartons mean very little these days- seeing the real thing is the only way to go.

Pasture is king!

Whether pigs, turkeys, cows, or chickens- all of them need grass and the little things that live in the grass to thrive. Keeping the animals on fresh grass breaks disease cycles, eliminates toxic concentrations of manure, self fertilizes and builds soil, minimizes odors, and, of course, feeds the animals. This management intensive policy is vital to the success of the farm.

Served by and serving Central Oregon.

It is easily forgotten that in the beginning of the 20th Century, Powell Butte was nationally known for poultry. Turkey’s were shipped to the White House based on the region’s reputation for superior birds. In fact, the turkey and chicken growers in Powell Butte were one of the major justifications for the irrigation system that exists today. We believe we can produce poultry through locally sourced feed stuffs. Our feed is made in Culver, with ingredients sourced regionally, to complement our pastures. We rely on and support our region’s bounty by keeping our business local and passing on that bounty to you. The farm is always open (call first- please!) and we sell at the local farmer’s markets and a couple of restaurants. Central Oregon is known for outdoor recreation…not necessarily for locally grown food. However, despite the short growing season there are farmers that forge ahead and provide wonderful local offerings. While there are a lot of folks that come over from the Willamette Valley to sell at the local Farmer’s Markets there are plenty of local options right here. We hope you will support this growing industry.


Priced right.

Trying to have the consumer pay the mortgage without exploiting their passion for local, fresh food is a key principle. This farm needs to fire on all cylinders to function, in fact, there is a moving sweet spot on the pastures. The right balance between animals, forage, weather, irrigation, manure, and feed is a critical juggling act. Sometimes our biggest problem is staying ahead of the pasture growth. We are in the business of converting solar energy into food- this energy is the throttle of the farm- this dictates our volumes and our prices. Our prices are not determined by what we can get away with- rather, we set prices at a financially sustainable level that help foster the localvore movement- not exploit it.

Lastly, we enable wonderful flavors.

There is a major difference in the meat of an animal that roams-free, stress-free, in a natural environment versus an animal that is confined and anxious in a factory environment. There is a major difference in an animal that forages a wide variety of grasses, legumes and bugs for meals than one that is panic fed chemical-laced feed from an auger. An egg from pasture is an orange, rich, stout egg. Our chicken has personality on it’s own- not a gooey tasteless blob that must be seasoned into an edible substitute for dinner. These differences need to be tasted!

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4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m trying to find an address of your location….seems to be a secret. I had the best eggs ever at a great Bend breakfast from Great American Egg. When I was told the eggs came from a ranch in Prineville, I was very excited—-I’m building a home & moving there. I’d love to come & visit, buy some eggs and chicken.
    Please tell me how to find you.
    Kerry Moustakas

  2. Hello–Last year we came out to your farm to pick up some chickens. Are you doing that again this year? Or should we try to get to the Wednesday market instead?

    Linda Williams

  3. I am also curious about a farm day – I would love to fill my freezer with your wonderful chickens! Please let us know.

    Holly Van Loo

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