The Experimental Acre

So the winner is- drip tape and sweet corn!

Drip systems have got to be the best way to deal with the drought and sweet corn might just be a good crop for us the get the hang of it.  The real test is filtration!  How do you keep those little tiny holes from clogging up with pond scum.  Well, our attempt is to use a swimming pool filter from Craigslist….which unfortunately turned out to be cracked.   There is some good news about this crack….although, it could fail at any minute- the height of the stream coming out of the crack tells us how clogged the sand is.  In other words- big geyser means it’s time to back-flush the filter….little geyser equals clean filter.  I cannot believe our germination rates (lots of thinning ahead).  More soon….right now- it is hay season!