Fresh Chicken at the Bend Farmer’s Market

For the first time this year- we will be bringing fresh chicken to the Bend Farmer’s Market tomorrow (Wednesday the 22nd).  We are still- yes, for 5 years now- selling them for $3.50 a pound.  This is 100% antibiotic free chicken fed only locally grown non-GMO feed.  How do we know that- we have it made just for us at a local mill based on our own recipe.  We serve this food cafeteria style- so you can actually see the grains.  We don’t like the pelleting process as it kill enzymes in the feed that help the birds digest the food.  When you are raising all natural birds it is best to use what nature provides and leave well enough alone.

Anyway- see Taryn at the market tomorrow and have a chicken for dinner!



Chicken is finally here!

Took a while this year- but chicken will be heading to the markets this week!  We wanted to start a little later this year- but then got pushed back even further from the hatchery- lots of folks raising their own these days!

Anyway- we should be stocked from now until October or so….but usually sell out most weeks- so make a plan if you want some birds this year.  Also, we should have plenty of turkeys this year so let us know if you are interested in getting on the list.