Chicken Day…on Labor Day!!

Hey Folks-

Too soon for another chicken day?  Never!  Send us a note about how many whole birds you would like to have for the fall and we will have them ready for you between 9 and noon on Monday.  Birds are $3/lb and you can pick them right from the chiller.  They will then be bagged and labeled and ready for your freezer.  The weather is cooling down – but still remember to bring a cooler to take your goodies home.

This season has gone very fast and smooth!  Can you believe that the last batch of broiler chicks comes in this morning? That means the last chicken butcher will be around Halloween for us- so stock up now.  Hope to see you and happy Labor Day!

The Team at the Great American Eggb



New Super Doop (Domed Coop)

Hazel putting on the finishing touches!

Hazel putting on the finishing touches!

The Wednesday afternoon thunder storm took out one of our Super Doops.  Luckily, we never have floors on any of our shelters- so losses were minimized.  The fault was timing.  I was loaded up with feed and heading home to hang these ballast bags on the hooks on the side of the hoops.  Ten minutes from home the house was airborne- cleared one house, bounced off another and landed about 100 feet from the origin.  Fortunately we had a spare billboard and the glu-lams were not badly damaged.

Now onto the lemonade.  We changed the roost design which is now to be suspended by chains…this will add some adjust-ability that was difficult with the parachute cord.  We also want to play around with the pecking order and try different angles for the roosts.  Next, we extended the channel for the wiggle wire to hold the hoops onto the beams.  This is minor, but should add some strength.  The bags and ballast remain the same (hopefully, the hooks will always be full before a storm).  Last improvement will be the nest boxes- the all new style.    (I should do another post on the nest boxes…someday)

On a side note…the billboard was for auctioning off homes.  Hopefully, this is a thing of the past.