Treat for the Layers

Grains used at Oregon Spirit Distillery are being shared with the layers today!  Brad, at Oregon Spirit, is as dedicated to local grain as we are!  The grains are ground a bit, then fermented with yeast to make alcohol- then the alcohol is distilled out and they are left with spent grains.  They have a nice protein boost for the layers and they go after them as fast as I can unload the tote.  Thanks much Oregon Spirit Distillery!!


Distillers Grains

Layers going after spent grains from Oregon Spirit!



Brooders are full

We have turkeys and chickens filling the brooders and birds are already out in the field.

So far so good this season.  We have found a hatchery is able to get the young ones to us within 12 hours of hatching!  This has really improved the stock….at 4 weeks the weights are not great but they are consistent and we are optimistic.  We also rebuilt the brooders over the winter and compartmentalized things a bit.  This has helped keep the heat in and allowed better separation between feeding and sleeping.  Downside is the chicks are not as visible.  So far, the good out weights the bad- ah, sweet progress!

Market Season

Well, the market season has officially begun!  We will be at the Salem Saturday Market, the Bend Wednesday Market and all year round at the Salem Public Market.  The Bend Market starts the first Wednesday in June and the Salem markets are already going…thankfully- as we have had lots of eggs this spring.


Hope to see you there.