Pigs Nest??

Here is a video of Piper preparing her nest during the early morning hours.  She started labor around 9pm later that same evening.   This is all natural behavior, one in which she is able to fully express on pasture.  It was also a great clue to us that labor was imminent.   She did not farrow well this winter so we wanted to keep a close eye on her this time around.  After giving birth to the first wiggling weaner about 9:30 last night….there were no more babies for almost an hour.  This is where Anita and her Vaseline coated arm came in to assist.  She was able to get the process moving again at a normal pace….and she now has six babies to care for.  Anita was amazingly calm and confident as she worked inside an animal at least four times her size.

Sow Nesting

By 2:30 am she was done…..and everyone was ready for  a rest.   When Taryn and I went to check on her in the morning she hopped up and went to the irrigation ditch for some water and a stretch.  We nervously watched as she laid back down next to her babies.   Taryn quickly huddled up the little ones as Piper worked up the hay (we added some fresh bedding while she was getting water) .  Once she was down she called to babies in to nurse.  By evening chores today…all is routine and everyone is doing fine.  Enjoy the video….it really confirms to me that this is the right path to food.


Plenty of Pork

Picked up several hogs today from the butcher shop. Plenty of Boston butts, baby backs, and chops. OUr cutlist is pretty stable these days. If there is a cut you would like that we do not stock- let us know! We don’t mind doing something specific for someone. There are cuts some cuts that we haven’t had a buyer for…sad to see it the cutting room floor. We do have an order for some necks for posole!