Winter Progress

It has been nice to be done butchering chickens and turkeys for a while.  There has been so much piling up that having the time and some nice winter weather has really been a blessing.  I’ll post some pictures but we have revamped the ballast system on the hen’s SuperDoops.  This change has really helped us sleep at night (thinking back….I remember posting one time about how well the superdoops are holding up against the wind- only to lose one the next day!  And yes, there is a high wind warning posted for tomorrow!?!).  We have also completed a winter hut for the sows and boar.  This is a group house for gestation, then each sow will choose her birthing hut when she is ready.  We have also moved the cows to the pond area for the winter.  This will help with winter water and help build up some of the worst soil on the farm.  The sows followed the cows and will help turn the top soil for spring planting. ..they also consider cow patties a delicacy.

The girls are strong and helpful and we have had a nice family time this Chistmas break.  It has been nice to recharge the family batteries!

In other news, CoCo the Grey Murray gave birth this afternoon!!  More news on this later, but mama and calf are doing fine, looks like she will have her all cleaned up before it gets dark tonight!