Meet Dandin!

Great Pyrenees

Meet our new puppy! He likes to sleep but when he`s awake he follows you everywhere! Dad says he`s our first mellow puppy.

Fresh Chicken Today

We have two common requests at the market: first one – ‘do you still have eggs?’ and the second one – ‘is all the meat frozen?’ We have been working both of these issues; however, today at the market we will definitely be able to say that we have fresh (unfrozen) meat. We butchered yesterday afternoon and will have plenty of whole birds and parts on ice at the market today! We had been working on a way to display frozen packs without any luck at maintaining proper temperatures. Maintaining refrigeration temperatures is pretty easy and it seems that many folks wanted fresh anyway. Writing this, I am wondering why we didn’t do this years ago!?! Hope to see you at the market today! Fresh chicken will still be available during farm days, but now there is a weekday dinner option! Thanks much and talk to you soon!