Grinds, Brines, and Others

USDA Hardiness Info

97753 Powell Butte, Oregon
USDA Hardiness Zone:
Zone 6a: -10F to -5F
PlantMaps Hardiness Zone:
Zone 6a: -10F to -5F
Days Where Temp Exceeds 86°F:
15 – 30 days
11n – Deschutes River Valley
Freeze Data:
Average First Frost September 1 – 10
Average Last Frost: June 21 – 31
Current Drought Data:
Drought Conditions: Extremely Moist
Palmer Drought Index: 4.10
Local Climate Data
Mon Min F Max F Precip In.
Jan 22 41 1.12
Feb 25 46 .89
Mar 26 52 .92
Apr 29 59 .79
May 35 66 .99
Jun 41 75 .78
Jul 45 84 .56
Aug 45 83 .55
Sep 38 75 .4
Oct 32 64 .72
Nov 27 48 1.34
Dec 22 41 1.15
Ann 32 61 10.22

The Cures are In!

The cures are here!! And lots of em’!

Say hello to bacon, ham steaks, polish sausage, linguica, thin sliced deli ham, cottage bacon, pepperoni, hocks, necks and ready to go creamy fresh white lard….ahh…there is peace in the walk-in. All cured naturally and tasting great. I will set up a webpage with all the new stuff so you can get some idea on how it is packaged and all the ingredients.
As always, we will be in Drake Park this Sunday from 3-4pm. We came home with quite a few eggs last week- so if you have missed out in recent weeks- please give us another try. We have high hopes that winter is winding down, we have had a lot of trouble with wind this year and the laying ladies have been stressed. Bring on Spring! And the tasty bugs!

Hope to see you Sunday