Winter Egg Drops Begin Sunday 10/23/2010

Looking for eggs winter?

We will be in the parking at Drake Park/Mirror Pond Sunday’s from 3-4pm starting this weekend. We will also try and bring pork, chicken and turkeys depending on what we have on hand. We did bring three pigs home to the freezer yesterday, so inventory is pretty full. It will be a couple of more weeks until the bacon and ham comes back from the smokehouse. One more note, we should have plenty of eggs this winter so you do not need to reserve eggs- just come and get em!

Finally…smoked pork!

Like bacon? We finally have it!

We are now offering a variety of cured and smoked pork for your dining pleasure. The challenge has been finding a USDA smokehouse that uses natural cures- enter Taylor’s Suasage in Cave Junction, Oregon. Welcome to the world of cures:

  • Belly Bacon – crispy most common bacon
  • Shoulder/British Bacon – meaty, less fat, hard to crisp
  • Jowl Bacon – sweet, chewy, my personal favorite
  • Maple Cured Ham and Deli Slices – wonderful melt in your mouth ham- they really do a great job with these
  • Polish Suasage – light and flavorful, boil in shallow water and crisp the casing once the water has evaporated
  • Old Fashioned Hot Dogs – pure pork meaty dogs, expensive, solid
  • Cured Ham Steaks – plate size hams, center cut from the hind leg
  • Smoked Hocks and Shanks – get the beans out!
  • For you folks worried about the availability of fresh bellies- worry not, we hold some back for sale as needed.