2010 Farmer’s Market Season

The Great American Egg will be at the same markets this year as last! The schedule is as follows:

    Wednesdays 3-7pm Drake Park starting June 2nd.
    Fridays 2-6pm St.Charles Hospital starting June 4th.
    Saturdays 10-2pm Northwest Crossing starting June 26th.

Hope to see you there!

Yet another license- Egg Handler’s

In order for eggs to be resold in Oregon they must be ‘handled’ based on the ODA regulations. On the mass of the eggs this makes some sense- if you the carton says ‘large’ you should have some assurance that you’re really getting a large dozen. I have not issue with this….my problem is that we are no a large producer that has several outlets for non-large eggs. Our older hens drop jumbos and our younger hens drop medium sized eggs. Unfortunately there are no provisions in the regulations for an ‘as-laid’ dozen. Nor is there a provision that says individual eggs can be any size as long as it adds up to a ‘large’ dozen.

So what do we do with jumbo and medium eggs? These eggs have to go into the unlicensed carton. The ODA did offer a suggestion- if I was to label the carton ‘PEEWEE’ eggs then I could put any size egg into the carton as there is no restriction on the maximum size of an egg- just the minimum. Sounded good for a while- but we starting thinking about how many people actually will look inside a carton and determine what size the eggs really are. Selling direct we can talk, explain, somewhat rationalize what we do…but not from a grocery shelf. So back to large eggs.

Check out the fancy new label! Here!

Down side of all this is this pretty label costs about 19 cents a pop!! And, of course, grocery stores want lower prices- yet it costs a premium to package the eggs for them. All this started when the ODA was reading this blog – found out I was selling eggs to Scanlons and wrote us saying we needed a license. So it goes…. Does Scanlons care about a label? Do we? Nope. I know I have ranted about this before but Camus says it best – “Integrity has no need for rules!”.

Legal Stuff behind us – Spring in front

You would not believe the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders- I think we are officially done with the revenuers!! Much to post about- turkeys are out, the brooder house is full of meat balls and the pasture is doing really well. We have the market garden area finished with netting and hot wire, and the potatoes are in (about 300 fingerlings).

It is a wonderful feeling to be looking forward instead of watching our backs!

Thanks much folks for helping us through the winter….from here on- maybe we can just be farmers not pseudo lawyers!!