Egg Drop this Sunday – 4/10/10

We are back to the normal Sunday drop (3-4pm in the Drake Park parking lot). We will have plenty of eggs this week with the extra day and our new Barred Rocks are starting to lay. These gals are almost outpacing the Australorps but have a ways to go with their size still.

We have a couple of new pork cuts to offer this year- Chinese Spare Ribs and Back Fat (yes, fat). Spare ribs were not a big mover last year (a lot of work/not a lot of meat), so this year we have something for the stir fry. This cut is just a spare rib cut lengthwise into 1 1/2″ lengths so they are ready for quicker preps (Thanks to Nancy for the idea!).

Back Fat is to render for lard- yes the real deal. Now you can dump that jar of crystallized cottonseed oil (Crisco) and render the real deal. Together, confit can make a come back, or soap, or perfect pie crusts, and even keep a tub around for the frying.

We also have lots of leg cutlets. We had some of these tenderized cuts made with our last batch of legs last year, but now we think this will be a standard cut- we will see. We are out of shoulders and ground pork already- but fear not- we have a couple more heading to the butcher shop next week.

See you soon- and thanks so much for supporting us- without you, we couldn’t raise animals the way we do, and if we couldn’t raise our animals this way- we wouldn’t be farmers!!