Hazel found a ladybug yesterday during chores….

The killdeer are everywhere….

The fields are turning….

The robins are buildings nests….

And we had rain today!  And even better we planted wheatgrass seeds yesterday!

All proof….it is spring…and like clockwork.

Things to do…before the season begins

  1. Disc dry land and plant dry land pasture mix to try and crowd out the weeds
  2. Eradicate ground squirrels from potato patchThis will never end
  3. Get blueberries from valley
  4. Take in two hogs Monday
  5. Stucco butcher shop
  6. Install carburetor/distributor in van
  7. Get USDA approved labels for pork
  8. Get Egg handlers license
  9. Finish up with County
  10. Install Clevises on Super Doops
  11. Finish skids for the Australorps
  12. Get registered with the markets
  13. Install field fence for turkeys
  14. Order turks for brooders
  15. Install irrigation system for blueberries
  16. Mow around raspberries
  17. Dig ditches for potato patch
  18. Cull Australops
  19. Butcher Barred Rock roosters
  20. Paint brooder house, butcher shop, and bottom section of the house
  21. Fix sodium lamp
  22. Build nest boxes for Barred rocks
  23. Figure out how to drive the earth anchors on the super doops
  24. Fix golf cartFinally!
  25. Disc main fields and overseed with new Chicken Hay
  26. Make egg washer/candler
  27. Change roosts in Super Doops to be more mobile
  28. Install clean-out filter on irrigation line

Egg Drops

We are down at Drake Park every Sunday from 3-4pm.  We are either in a green Subaru (most of the time) or a black pickup.  We have plenty of eggs most weeks and will only be getting more and more as the days get longer.

Also, we will likely have our first porkers back from the butcher by the March 28th drop.  There is still time to get a special cut if you interested- just let us know.

See you Sunday!!

Turkey Review

We tried four different breeds of turkeys this year…Giant Whites, Bourbon Reds, Narragansett, and Broad Breasted Bronze.  The first is the ‘industry standard’ breed which replaced the Bronze as the ‘bigger, fatter, faster’ breed.  The Narrangansett, and the Bourbon Reds a old school heritage breed that were developed more for bueaty, function, hardiness, and flavor.

The Giant White Toms were by far the most spectacular.  These guys are amazing with their coarse black beards growing out of a perfectly white breast.  His headdress presents more colors than a mood ring and far more accurate as well.  But the greatest feature was the strut – this guy has moves- he brings the tips of his primary wing feathers to the ground to draw a perfect proverbial ‘line in the sand.’    All the whites were also the most communitive of all the breeds- not only with the gobbel gobbels, but with the shutters, huffs and coos as well.

More later, however, this spring we will likely stick with the Bronze…..