Egg Drop w/o the Playoffs

Eggs this Sunday at the park!  We didn’t realize we were competing with the NFL playoffs the last couple of weekends…the slow turn out has been a windfall for the Prineville food bank….It was like they have never seen so many beautiful eggs before!

Anyway- hope to see you between 3-4pm in the Drake Park/Mirror Pond parking lot.

A Little Bit Pregnant

Ahhh the winter seems to afford me more time to rant…and off I go again.

By now I am sure you have heard about or seen the latest undercover video taken from a factory farm.  This time a dairy in New York is demonstrating how truly horrible man can be to his food.  Our argument has always been- come to the farm before you buy- if you have any reservations about how we raise animals then by all means stick to your convictions and walk away.  This video of this dairy should help you decide if you want milk from that factory.

There are a few indisputable truths in the world- when it comes to pregnancy you either are or you aren’t.  The CEO of this farm was interviewed after the video came out and said that he prides himself on the conditions of his dairy and uses the latest technology to keep his cows healthy- what!  This is the old bad apple logic, the isolated incident, the bad day excuse.  Bottom line – you either let people beat your animals or you don’t…you either have rampant disrespect for other living things or you don’t. You cannot have pride in your farm when things like this go on….you cannot be just a little bit pregnant!


Well the wind stopped, the snow came, and now the sun.  Classic Powell Butte weather pattern.  It is rare that I can walk through the pig area without a ton of pig kisses on the back of my jeans.  Today…..they barely even stirred.

These Tamworth pigs are around 225 on average right now….the biggest, maybe 260 pounds.  A couple will head out to butcher Mid-March, but for now enjoy the sun!!

Tamworths in the Sun

Tamworths in the Sun

Egg Drop – Sunday 1/24/2010

We will be down at the Drake Park parking lot between 3-4pm this Sunday.  Please come on down and get your egg fix!!

As a quick note…..the worst thing about a mobile farm- wind!!  Looks like it has finally died down a bit and this Sunday doesn’t look too bad!!

See you there!

Happy New Year!!

Thanks much for your support during 2009- it has given us confidence and ambition.  We have big plans for 2010 (like not running out of eggs!!) and can’t wait to ditch the muck boots and play in the grass again!

So here is to an economic phoenix, 16 inches of rainfall, Great Horned owls becoming vegetarians, Monsanto joining SeedSavers, NAIS fading away like a mosquito bite, the locusts in Eastern Oregon migrating to our fields, and may your tractor always start!

All the best to you and your family – The Great American Egg

Pig Antibiotics

If you missed the attached article that appeared in the Bulletin , 12/29, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it at your leisure. The rise in antibiotic use in animals and animal feed is one of the many reasons we wanted to raise our chickens, turkeys and pigs in a chemical free environment.  In an effort to grow animals faster, bigger and cheaper and to keep food prices deceivingly low, the use of these chemicals has become ‘best practice” with a huge price attached for the consumer. One of the farmers interviewed for the article  defended this practice on his 150,000/year hog farm saying, “They’re (the public) only concerned about resistance and they don’t care about economics because, ‘As long as I can buy a pork chop for a buck 69 a pound, I really don’t care.’ ” Yeesh.  Think about buying a car….is the only feature you look at price?  Of course not, however, when it comes to pork chops- price is about the only thing you have to evaluate (maybe Country of origin).  Aside from the barcode label you get no other information.  There may be some meaningless phrase of the day (natural, free range, inspected, organic, etc), and a cartoon farm animal but you really don’t know how that animal was rasied and if the claim is true.  The point is if we were to buy eggs at the store (the horror!!) we would buy the cheapest, super sale, discount egg in the rack – why?  Because we know nothing about the product except for price!  Ridiculous isn’t it!!  We all know the solution – know your farmer, know your animals when they are alive, know what they are fed, know how they are processed and know the price – then make a decision.

We just wanted to thank you for supporting us as you see the big pig picture clearly.  We couldn’t raise these animals as we do without our customers who DO  think about drug resistance and economics and the way animals are raised and treated and the origin of their food.