We have our ODA License!

It took a lot longer than we thought; however, we finally have a license from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to raise and process our birds on the farm!  This means that we can now sell whole or cut-up broilers and turkeys.  We will process tomorrow and will start bringing chicken to the markets next week.  Let us know if we can bring you one.

Below is the press release we sent out (big shots huh!)…..

Powell Butte, Oregon

August 7, 2009

THE GREAT AMERICAN EGG, located at 13604 SW Powell Butte Hwy, in Powell Butte, was recently granted a Poultry Processing License from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. This license will allow owners, Justice and Anita Hoffman, to process, package and sell their pastured broiler chickens at local farmers markets. Customers can be assured that the processing facility has been inspected and approved by the ODA for poultry processing. In addition, all environmental concerns have been met and approved as well.

THE GREAT AMERICAN EGG is only the seventh farm in the state of Oregon to earn this license from the ODA and is the only such approved facility east of the Cascades. Poultry products can now be sold from the farm, through farmers markets, and to restaurants and institutions.

All poultry produced on farm are raised on pasture with humane and sustainable methods. In addition, the animals are never ‘plumped’ with water, given antibiotics, or forced to live like anything other than free ranging birds. The feed provided is mixed locally from easily identifiable ingredients and offered along with fresh grass, bugs and grubs. Broilers consist of two types of chicken: Cornish Cross and Label Rouge. The first is a fast growing bird with ample breast meat and smooth texture. The second type, the Label Rouge, grow a bit slower and are valued for their foraging habits and richer flavors.  Customers will note that broilers grown on THE GREAT AMERICAN EGG will be a unique taste treat: a true and natural, unadulterated chicken that really tastes like chicken.

In addition to fresh chicken, THE GREAT AMERICAN EGG offers farm fresh eggs, pastured pork, and heritage breed turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas table. Currently, these products can be purchased at the Bend Farmers Markets on Wednesdays (Drake Park 3-7pm), Fridays (St. Charles Hospital, 2-6pm) and Saturdays (Northwest Crossing Farmers Market, 10am-2pm). Customers can also make contact at www.greatamericanegg.com or by calling 541-323-1065.

About the GREAT AMERICAN EGG: The Great American Egg is the area’s leading producer of factory free eggs, pastured poultry and pastured pork. The farm is committed to providing naturally raised pastured products to the the Central Oregon area. Products include brown eggs, heritage turkeys, chicken (broilers), ready to lay pullets, and pork by the cut or  by the share.  THE GREAT AMERICAN EGG, owned and operated by Justice and Anita Hoffman, is a 27 acre farm located in Powell Butte, Oregon. For more information please contact Justice and Anita at www.greatamericanegg.com or by phone at 541-323-1065.